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​You are here because you are a freedom junkie who will accept nothing less than the FREEDOM to determine your destiny, do what you love, and fulfill your life’s purpose!


We believe that self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment. Our mission is to bring you guests whose powerful entrepreneurship stories and real-world advice will give you the inspiration and tools to create a business and life that you love.

We want to show you how to turn your pain into purpose, turn your challenges into life’s greatest blessings, and how to reach your true potential by helping you find the tools and, more importantly, the resourcefulness to create a life and business that you love.


David Key
Playing the Game of Life
Dr Flavio Balerini
Unleash the Power of the Mind with Hypnosis
Chris Haroun
The Democratization of Education
Noor Hibbert
Be a Mompreneur and Go for Your Dreams
Jason & Tamera Dion
An Entrepreneur Couple Creates Freedom
Mike Gandia
Automate Your Freedom
Paulo Dichone
An Immigrant's Dream
Jimmy Murray
From Homeless to Entrepreneur
Emily Rivera
Divine Magic with The Angel Coach
Rena Greenberg
The Power of the Subconscious Mind and Entrepreneurship
Joeel & Natalie
A Couple's Entrepreneurship Journey from Nightmare to Blessing
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