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Episode 9: The Democratization of Education


In this episode, Joeel and Natalie interview Chris Haroun and discuss the democratization of education, getting paid to teach what you know and love online, following your passion, and LIVING LIFE ON YOUR TERMS! You’ll learn why Chris, a successful venture capitalist and an award-winning MBA professor, reinvented himself at every level—including leaving behind his successful career in investing to embrace a new frontier—online education—which he has referred to as the New Wall St.

With a career that spans Goldman Sachs, Citadel, and Accenture, as well as his own start-ups, he has worked with investment and business leaders, such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Marc Benioff, and the CEOs of many of the largest technology companies.


Today Chris is a full-time online instructor—but not through traditional university education—instead through 45 of his own online courses. An MBA graduate from Columbia University himself, he is now famous for his top selling business program “An Entire MBA in 1 Course”, which takes students beyond the theoretical and practical frameworks taught in business schools by teaching crucial lessons and practical applications to real world problems.


He has shared his powerful, practical, and revolutionary business and life wisdom with more than 500,000 students around the world and his courses have been profiled in Business Insider, NBC, Inc, Forbes, CNN, Entrepreneur & on other business news websites


In addition to creating online courses, Chris spends his investing in EdTech and contributing to educational charities. He believes that all problems in the world can be solved through education—check out his recent TEDx Talk on this topic. 

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Chris has sold more than 500,000 of his online business & self improvement courses in 12 languages in 196 countries. You can access to his best selling courses at

He’s the author of the book "101 Crucial Lessons They Don't Teach You in Business School,"​ which Business Insider wrote is "the most popular book of 2016."​ Forbes called this book "1 of 6 books that all entrepreneurs must read right now."​

He is the founder & CEO of Haroun Education Ventures, an award winning business school professor, MBA graduate from Columbia University & former Goldman Sachs employee. He has raised/managed over $1bn in his career.

He also has work experience at hedge fund giant Citadel, consulting firm Accenture & several firms that he has started, including an investment firm that had a venture capital investment in Facebook several years before the Facebook IPO.

He is a frequent guest lecturer at several Bay Area MBA schools including Berkeley & Stanford. He also has an undergraduate degree with a major in Management Information Systems & International Business from McGill University where he is a McGill University Dobson Fellow (awarded for his work mentoring students with start-up business models).

He has founded several companies & serves on the boards of several Bay Area companies & charities, including LEMO & Providing Opportunities for Women. He lives in Hillsborough, California.

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