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Episode 7: Being an Entrepreneur Couple

and Creating Semi-passive Income


Jason and Tamera Dion are a husband and wife team who have reached over 100,000 students in 189 countries through their online courses and books. Jason’s experience is in the cybersecurity field and as an instructor at the University of Maryland, while Tamera was a stay-at-home mother who homeschooled their two children. At the end of 2016, Jason discovered online courses and decided to create his own courses and give it a try. Within a year the business had exploded and Tamera decided to come alongside him and take over the production side of the business. Since partnering together, each contributing their strengths and helping each other overcome their weaknesses, their small training company has experienced tremendous growth. 

EP7 Jason and Tamera.jpg

The semi-passive income from their new venture has opened up a new world of possibilities for them, including their plans to take advantage of their financial freedom and location independence to travel the world in a couple years when their children will graduate high school and Jason will fully retire. As a family business, they love teaching their two children, who work for them, about the power of entrepreneurship.


Their courses are found on,, LinkedIn Learning, Safari Books, and their website