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Episode 6: Automate Your Freedom & Follow Your Passion


In this episode, Joeel & Natalie interview Mike Ganda.  While earning a degree in robotics and aerospace engineering, Mike was simultaneously plotting his escape from the high-paying career he hadn’t even started yet. Being a finalist in the NASA NewSpace Business Plan competition foreshadowed his entrepreneurial leap to come. After a couple years working for Boeing, Mike turned his AirBNB side hustle into a fully automated business that replaced his income, and he escaped the rat race at only 25. Mike’s willingness to take risks and do whatever it takes to live life on his terms, combined with his passion, authenticity, and heart, make him a powerful example to aspiring entrepreneurs, both young and old alike.

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Today, Mike runs King Street Stays, a short-term rental and professional tenant company with properties throughout South Carolina and Florida, as well as teaches people how to create their own AirBNB empire through his online training program. And, now he is using the freedom he created to follow his passion, which is marketing, through his digital marketing agency CMF, where he can apply his engineering mind to marketing analytics, customer purchase behavior and sales psychology.


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