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Episode 5: An Immigrant's Dream and Teaching Online


In this episode, Joeel and Natalie interview Paulo Dichone. Paulo is a self-proclaimed programming geek who fell in love with coding when he got to college, even through he grew up in a small village in Mozambique, Africa where he didn’t have access to computers. Paulo’s opportunity to attend high school for one year in the United States instilled a dream within him to move to America. Through a series of almost miraculous events, Paulo immigrated to the United States to attend college, where he discovered his love of coding and received a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and got a job building Android and iOS apps. The ability to thrive through uncertainty that Paulo developed living in Mozambique and overcoming the challenges of moving to a new country, prepared him to be a natural entrepreneur. His story is empowering and shows that relentless tenacity and believing in a dream no matter how much stands in your way is the true meaning of the American Dream.

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Paulo Dichone created an app development business which led him to discover his true passion, which is TEACHING, when he started teaching app development and programming online. Today he has taught 60,000 students, empowering them to finally understand those “hard-to-grasp” programming concepts or get their dream jobs building apps. He believes that ANYONE can learn to code, and his goal is to not only teach programming skills, but to help his students become well-rounded developers who are successful both in business and in life. It is no surprise that Paulo has top-selling courses and raving reviews because his optimism, gratitude, and enthusiasm are contagious.

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