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Episode 4: What Homelessness Taught Me About Entrepreneurship


In this episode, Joeel and Natalie interview entrepreneur and comedian Jimmy Murray. Jimmy’s journey began with a volatile home life and an eclectic career path that lead to a rapid period of decline, including being kicked out of his university and finding himself homeless. However, through his experience he developed the tenacity, resourcefulness, and radical personal responsibility to turn his life around, teach himself coding and artificial intelligence, and become an entrepreneur doing what he loves! Today Jimmy is a voice over artist and a self-proclaimed beast at content creation on all platforms. Jimmy brings humor into every aspect of his business and is dedicated to motivating people to believe that NOTHING is impossible.

Read Jimmy's article in Transformation Coaching Magazine about his homelessness experience and the lessons about ENTREPRENEURSHIP he picked up during along the way! (Page 8)


Jimmy Murray studied marketing and film and minored in singing before the economic “Big Fall” of 2007. Since then, he’s taught himself coding and artificial intelligence and gone from bagel jockey to voiceover artist in four swift moves. His eye for efficiency constantly adds value to any and all businesses. He’s a beast at content creation on all platforms and enjoys teaching people creativity. Above all else, he enjoys motivating people because nothing is impossible.


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