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Episode 3: Awakening Divine Magic with The Angel Coach


In this episode, Joeel and Natalie interview Emily, The Angel Coach. When Emily’s first daughter was born with special needs, she left her teaching job to take care of her daughter and dove deep into developing her intuitive gifts so she could continue to make a difference in the world. She grew a thriving business as an at-home mom, becoming renowned for her life and business coaching programs, her dynamic speaking, and her powerful retreats, all of which are infused with divine guidance. Whether you want to dive into what it takes to create a thriving business, despite life’s challenges, how to evolve your business, charge what you’re worth, or you’re intrigued about developing your own intuition or opening your experience to the angels and the divine, you’re going to love this episode!

Emily Rivera is an alchemist of the soul. She has touched and transformed thousands of lives, as a/an International Spiritual Leader, Catalyst for awakening, Author, Gifted Intuitive, Retreat Guide, Speaker, and Transformation Mentor/coach. 

        Through all her services, Angels and Ascended lights speak directly through her presence; offering guidance into the personal and planetary evolution that is taken place as humankind awakens to its divine nature. Each experience is an activation of truths that fully awaken the soul’s power, gifts, alignment, and ease, while simultaneously leading each individuals to powerfully create the life that is Desired with grace and ease.  Each experience is a unique Soul Activation that tangibly leads individuals into living joyfully and intentionally, while enjoying the ease of thriving. 

        Since childhood, Emily’s intuitive force has manifested in myriad ways— with visions and as a loud voice that would guide her through her early years, to a full conscious communication with Divine Manifestations that include Angles and other Ascended Lights; all of whom continue to provide tangible and consistent guidance and communication for her life, and those she serves through all her services.

        Emily has authored breakthrough works of channeled literature that lead to awakening, Alchemy of the soul, healing, and intentional creations. 

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