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Episode 10: Unleash the Power of the Mind with Hypnosis


In this episode, Joeel and Natalie interview Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Dr. Flavio Balerini.

A love of learning and a fascination with how the human mind, body and spirit work lead Flavio to receive degrees in both philosophy and biomedical engineering. While studying degenerative diseases and teaching at the university in his career, Flavio simultaneously went on a profound spiritual quest into his own mind and beyond. When he was introduced to hypnotherapy for the first, he experienced personal transformation, and as he continued to study the field he became intrigued by the impact hypnosis had on the physical body. He began practicing hypnotherapy in 1996, where he offered a unique and pioneering approach, bringing together his scientific understanding of the human body and his training and experience with deep inner workings of the subconscious and unconscious mind. He opened the Hypnotherapy and Counseling Center in Miami, Florida.

Flavio helps people connect their "outer" with their "inner" selves, so they can achieve their purpose and materialize their dreams.

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Dr. Flavio Balerini is the founder of the Hypnotherapy and Counseling Center in Miami, Florida. Dr. Balerini studied engineering and philosophy at Florida International University. His Ph.D. in biomedical engineering delved into the etiology of degenerative diseases and the relationship between medical paradigms and health care provision. He started practicing hypnotherapy in 1996, established the Miami chapter of IACT in 1998 and was awarded the IACT Humanitarian award in 2000. Flavio practices hypnotherapy full time, teaches basic through advanced hypnotherapy, metaphysics and philosophy classes on a daily basis as well as online courses & webinars, is a frequent guest on local radio and TV programs, and directly trained several successful hypnotherapists.

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