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Episode 1: A Couple's Entrepreneurship Journey from Nightmare to Blessing


In this episode, Joeel & Natalie share the story of how their relationship began when they "started the same business, just not at the same time" and how their businesses have evolved over the past decade, including cliff-diving into starting a magazine, manifesting a book publishing company, becoming life coach trainers, speakers, and serial entrepreneurs. They also share about when it all came crashing down after an overseas trip left Joeel on bed-rest for a year, and how the unintended sabbatical brought them clarity, opportunities, and blessings that helped them re-launch into their dream life and business and reach over 200,000 students from 195 countries around the world.


MEET YOUR HOSTS! We are Joeel & Natalie Rivera of Transformation Services, Inc. We own a digital media publishing company. We offer training programs and publishing services for INDIEpreneurs who are committed to dreaming big, unleashing their potential and fulfilling their purpose.

        We have created 75 online courses and have served over 200,000 students from 195 countries, including corporate renegades who want to escape the rat race and follow their passion and heart-centered lifestyle entrepreneurs who want to make money making a difference.

        We are passionate about showing you how to create residual income by packaging what you know and love into information products, such as online courses, which is what has transformed our lives. And, one of our favorite forms of information product is life coaching, which is how we began over a decade ago, so we also offer an extensive suite of life coach certification and training programs.

        Find out more about our online courses for entrepreneurs, as well as our life coach training programs. Visit